Introduction/Overview of sessions.
These sessions have been designed to enrich and support school

curriculum varying from national to the International

baccalaureate diplomas. Mainly aimed at the Middle years

program but can easily be used for the primary years

program with a little thought and professional creativity. 
They support the development of global citizens and will help to give the learners a sense of value, self esteem, confidence, positive attitudes towards seeking knowledge and further education.

Respect all people is the motto under which all things should be done.

Thought provocative Rap and poetry is the stimuli. 

The sessions range between 1 and 4 hours any extended learning or further developments can be assessed by the tutor and student. Through discussion, independent and group work all this can be achieved. Taking into account the learner profiles below is a brief outline of the sessions and their learning objectives. There are many opportunities for the teachers to identify and cross link other learning outcomes from each session.


Reflect Yourself. Time 4 hours extend more for the ten fetters ongoing programme.{Self assessment}{Alpha rap} {If we fail}{Ten fetters} C.O.H. Cross ref S3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10.Learning outcome

1. Students will be more aware of their learning style Learning outcome

2.  Students will be able to relate to positive words that describe them.Learning outcome

3. Students will be more aware of their emotions. They will be able to use words that relate to a positive or negative feeling and develop their sense of empathy.Learning outcome

4. Students will identify a sense of responsibility to themselves and others academically, socially and emotionally.