If we fail to realise the needs of the individual.
Then we haven't looked at all.
If we fail to spot the character of sadness and laughter
Then we haven't looked at all.
If we fail to show compassion and love.
Then maybe, we have never known love at all.
If we fail to show guidance,spiritual or physical.
Then we haven't cared at all.
If we fail to strive for truths and rights.
Then the writing be on the wall.
If we fail, if we fail, if we fail, if we fail.
A wonder what the future has install.
Maybe no peace no law jus war and more.
If we fail to realise, jus try looking through someone else's eyes.
If we fail to play our part.
Then we have failed on woe mankind behalf.
Don't get lef ina de dark, time to mek a new start.
Because the future draws near,
i want you all to hear.
If we fail to give a helping hand.
Then you might as well cut off your hand.
Better still jus leave this land.
Donavan Christopher


Hope Beyond a Fence


Every day I see people die and I’m always asking myself why?, why?, why? Why the suffering? Why the war? What is this all for? For some money to entertain, this world is going insane. Oh who brought this upon us? Who brings us the pain? I’m sick and tired of being called by a number not a name. When I was younger I heard stories of an evil man with an evil clan and an evil plan. Oh will this ever stop? Is there any point in having hope? No, of course not. Is there anything beyond that fence, that fence which I sit by every day in hope that someone will take me away? Away from this place which I now truly understand the camp the prison camp

My Tree


The piercing eyes observed people passing by with anger in their eyes.

The ragged beard wound round the wrinkled trunk. The headdress waves to adults in the restless breeze. In the depth of the forest the ragged lips were hung rapidly onto the never-ending trunk. As the sun rose, like a volcanic eruption, it’s peeling arched eyes peered in the gloomy distance. Grumpily and ferociously the stubborn, overgrown tree whispered as if it had lost it’s voice. At the break of dawn, the moody down headed tree shouted to attract attention.

The Refugees

Who will love them. With no where to go the refugees they flee, Not one nation will open it’s hearts To give them what they need. Are they not humans with feelings and souls. To give them freedom and safety, Is our role. These people so bravely Left their homes, For safety they look, they wander the land, they roam. They’ve come so long from so far away Their country was once a beautiful place Where children could laugh and learn and play, And life would go on. People would live But little did they know, Leaving their family and their ways, Their country and their home. These people need care and love, Just like you and me. So I pray Please let them in. Give them a home, Tale their worries away, For is it not our duty as humans, To look out for each other and a future generation. We should all stand together, Be proud of who these brave people are, Be proud of where they came from, And let them be part of our nations.