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The Objectives are  
This is achieved by
  1. To support schools and organizations delivery of Poetry from different cultures. Engaging their thinking ability and writing skills.

  2. To promote awareness of the contribution of living language to our understanding of our world through social education via Rap Poetry.

  3. To promote the value of communication, social respect and the arts in school.

Customized Learning 
  1. Initial planning with both the literacy co-ordinator and year or group leader.

  2. Establish what stimulus would be used with young people and organise into ability sets.

  3. Donavan and teachers working with the young people to produce their own writing or performance around issues or subjects that affect well being and social responsibilities.

Cultural Awareness

Hi Donavan
Thank you for a great day on Tuesday. The boys were really 'buzzing'. I had Andre and Thomas calling me over in assembly today to buy books!
The ones I'd saved for the classes are being snapped up by the boys, which is great.
Anne (Eden Grove) Cumbria 



Hi Donavan

Just wanted to say such what a huge impact you have had in so many ways on everyone here at school - our school is definitely a more inspired, more together, more energized place to be today….and I think it will be you’ve made an indelible impression. 2 days have been so much more than 2 days.


Jenny Marshall
Head teacher
All Saints Church of England Primary School